Savvy diners use jeet... because restaurant menus don't have pictures.

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Millions of food pics from thousands of restaurants!

Open jeet in nearly any restaurant in the world to see what looks good on the menu.

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Open menu, open jeet, eat!

Gone are the days of opening the menu and peering around the restaurant to see what everyone else is eating. Now open jeet and automatically see pictures of food at the restaurant you are in. No searching needed.

400% faster than Yelp

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What else makes jeet different?

No searching

Just open jeet inside any restaurant to see food pics.

No reviews

You know what looks good to you. We don't bog you down with reviews from people with different taste than you.

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Your pics are important to our community.

Share your pictures with other foodies. We will magically make them appear at the right restaurant.


# of food pics taken every second around the world

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